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How to Configure Shopping Cart to Create eCommerce enabled Catalog

Vevo! CatalogBuilder version 3.12 facilitates catalog driven business to create ecommerce enabled web storefront / web catalog and multimedia CD Catalog. From the configuration window - select shopping cart pane and configure it to suit online order taking:

Order options:

  • select the option of either payment gateway, secured order or email order (in the event inadequate information / parameters are provided, program while publishing catalog will use email order option)

  • If user has opted for payment gateway - then select the gateway (currently program supports payment gateway - paypal, authorize.net, Worldpay, LinkPoint) and fill your account id with respective payment gateway in input text box (for paypal, fill paypal email id - e.g. sales@yourdomain.com)

  • If user has opted secured order option (cgi, php etc), then fill the complete path of URL where order related cgi file is hosted (e.g. http://www.catalog-builder.com/cgi/order/mail.cgi)

  • If user wants to receive email order, please fill email id while preparing for catalog.

Other Configurations:

  • Tax info:

    • Display Tax (select if tax is to be calculated)

    • Tax Rate (if tax is applicable then fill tax rate e.g. 3 )

    • Tax by region (select the check box, if tax is calculated for sales in particular region e.g. tax applicable in Arizona State and not applicable to other states)

    • If tax is applicable for particular region, fill the tax and non tax prompt message. (e.g. select for Arizona State ; Other States)

  • Shipping info

    • currently program supports shipping cost calculation for specific catalog item per unit. Select the shipping cost option (also in catalog item content, fill shipping cost)

  • Minimum Order info

    • Fill the minimum order quantity in input box; in the event, you want to receive online order without any limitation of minimum order level- fill 0.00)

  • Shopping Cart language Setting

    • User can configure shopping cart language by configuring language setting. Using language setting window, user can define its captions .

    • While publishing catalog, select language from drop down selection box.


Ecommerce enabled web store builder with user defined language customization

Vevosoft announces release of
new version 3.12  with the power features of  user defined language customization for web catalog / multimedia CD brochure and payment gateway for ecommerce enabled catalog making. Business users can now build more productive catalog in Non English language as well.

Build Web Catalog and CD Catalog to sell more

Try Before You Buy

Buy Now at special price $ 29.95

Now build ecommerce enabled product catalog driven web and multimedia CD brochure (supports payment gateway - paypal, authorize.net, Worldpay, LinkPoint;  secured order (cgi / php) and email order).
Additional Services for ecommerce cart customization

Now web catalog building and multimedia catalog making to suit customer specific language. User just need to configure catalog captions in the language they want

Powerful catalog making software at unmatched price of US$ 29.95 (regular price $ 45).

Free upgrade to existing users (existing Vevo! CatalogBuilder 3.0 enterprise version users can write to us for free upgrade)


Vevo! CatalogBuilder 2.3.3 : Available versions and quick comparison (this version does not support language customization and payment gateway)

  Freeware Version Try and Buy Enterprise version
Catalog Making Features All features available All features available All features available
Catalog Size Restrictions Yes (200 catalog items) No (unlimited) No (unlimited)
Expiry Limitation No Yes (30 days) No
Price (US $) Free Free to try
Buy Now  (US $ 19.95 at special launch price)-Regular Price $35

The download file for all three options (for version 2.3.3), is same. It is handled at product registration area for the version, you may intend to use with.


Free Catalog Making Software


Create Category / sub category driven electronic catalog,  Multimedia CD Catalog, Web Catalog, Photo Album, Slide Show in customized style  � it is free!*



Download Size:  14.8 MB
  * free version is full feature version with limitation of 200 products  
With Catalog Builder Software, you can:
Customize - build in your style
Create web catalog or multimedia CD Catalog with customized display of colors, backgrounds, fonts; customized theme or language

Publish - multiple ways to distribute catalog
publish your photo album or catalog as web catalog, web brochure, multimedia CD brochure or distributable slide show

Business - display products and sell
Prepare your web catalog or multimedia CD catalog to suit business for effective display, sales lead generation and ecommerce.

Personal - powerful tool for personal album making
Prepare your personal album for specific events and customizable notes. Ideal for photography collection

Manage - keep your catalog organized
maintain and  update web catalog or multimedia CD  catalog to suit specific event, customer. sales campaign or launch
Why does an enterprise need CatalogBuilder ?
Prepare mini catalog to meet event or customer driven opportunities
Flexible, powerful and great utility for business users than most photo album makers
It is highly suitable for business for its unique features
Save cost and resources  on catalog building
What can one create  using CatalogBuilder (example list only)
Textile Catalog
Apparel Catalog
Furniture Catalog
Jewelry Catalog
Arts and Craft Catalog
Antiques  and Collectible Catalog
Fashion Catalog
Lingerie Catalog
Shoes  Catalog
Carpet Catalog
Home Furnishing  Catalog
Electronics Catalog
Ceramic Products  Catalog
Gifts & Novelties Catalog
Leather Products Catalog
Photography Catalog
Stone & Marble Products  Catalog
 Woolen Products Catalog
Try Vevo! CatalogBuilder  for FREE!
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