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Partner Program with CatalogBuilder : Marketing Partner Program

Vevosoft intends to closely work with trade leads portals, business directory service providers and other business service providers to catalog users, to offer CatalogBuilder product and services at specially structured prices to their respective member base.

Program Benefits

Your members get CatalogBuilder at specially structured price.

Based upon your organization's endorsement of CatalogBuilder product and services, a percentage of member's use of CatalogBuilder will be contributed to your organization as royalty. This may create a significant source of  non-membership dues revenue for your organization.

This program is an effective way to build affinity and goodwill with an organization's valued members, franchisees and customers by helping them filling their cataloging needs.

Note: while structuring this partner program, we identified an ambiguous area of conflict and we will like to clarify the possible concerns. Most trade lead sites offer online catalog facilities to their members and under no circumstance, this product  must conflict with their online catalog. We understand and appreciate their concerns. CatalogBuilder generated catalog can not replace or work as substitute for online catalog, for its basic objectives. Online Catalog offered by trade lead sites are more driven for trade leads and catalog visibility; whereas CatalogBuilder is focused for multimedia CD catalog and product gallery driven website for end user's own web presence. Most members, in addition to online catalog presence at multiple trade lead sites, also require multimedia CD catalog and product gallery driven web presence at their corporate web.

How does it Work
(In the event, qualified partner is already having pre-defined program, we can join such program at mutually agreed terms)

This program works as  risk free and commitment free offer for your members. Upon agreeing at program:

  • We will be supplying you specially designed builder with your endorsement on product for distribution amongst your members.

  • Members will be asked to explore the freeware version of Catalog Building Tool at NO RISK and NO COMMITMENT basis.

  • Upon satisfactory use of CatalogBuilder, if they intend to buy full version of product, they can buy at special discount price.

  • Our independent third party affiliate program facilitates direct payment to you of royalty contribution.

  • Under this program, we will be providing complete online support to product users.

  • We will be providing you necessary specimen newsletters for circulation amongst your members. and can also undertake to circulate such newsletters to your member list.

    with complete information about your organization's profile and member strength. Upon receipt of your intent, our program manager will send you complete details of program and Opportunity Assessment Document. And then will co-ordinate with you for necessary discussions, contracts and implementation process.

Partner Program with CatalogBuilder
Marketing Partner Program
specially designed marketing program for business service providers to the business requiring catalog building

Association Saver Program
highly suitable for trade / business / industry associations to offer group discounts to their respective member base

Catalog Design Service Partner Program
alliance program to facilitate CatalogBuilder users the catalog theme designs and localized cataloging services

Joint Development Partner Program
alliance program with technology firms to either expand our product and service offering or to jointly develop and introduce entire new solutions to marketplace

Partner Program with CatalogBuilder
Co branding options for marketing of CatalogBuilder. more details of your organization and sale potential in your territory, vertical market or sector.
Download CatalogBuilder Program and PowerPoint Presentation for CatalogBuilder evaluation

In addition to listed partner program, with special partner program proposal, where in we can join for mutual benefits.


Join our affiliate network with Element 5 or eSellerate (please review affiliate plan and related procedures by visiting the link) and earn minimum sales commission of 25%

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