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Partner Program : Joint Development Partner  Program

Vevosoft intends to collaborate with technology firms for expansion of CatalogBuilder product and services or to build new solution for marketplace. There are many products / services, which can be bundled with CatalogBuilder (e.g. search engine optimization tools, search engine submission tools etc) or can be built upon CatalogBuilder as Add-On solutions (e.g. catalog building in power point / PDF format, flash layout driven catalog building etc). We, at Vevosoft, want to aggressively target such business opportunities jointly with interested IT firms at mutually agreed terms.

Eligibility Requirements

The Joint Development Partner Program is ideally suited for companies engaged in technology firm with ready solutions, product or know-how.

Program Benefits

Such joint development coupled with sound marketing plan and resources, will have revenue potential to be shared amongst partners.

How does it Work
(In the event, qualified partner is already having pre-defined program, we can join such program at mutually agreed terms)

Under this program, once such joint development concept is discussed and mutually agreed, our partner program will be sending you partner contract. Upon execution of contract, we will  make business plan in mutual consultation,  will publish such software solution and carry out marketing task.

complete information about your company stating web address, company profile, location details
, proposed solution and web URL of few works done by your company.

Partner Program with CatalogBuilder
Marketing Partner Program
specially designed marketing program for business service providers to the business requiring catalog building

Association Saver Program
highly suitable for trade / business / industry associations to offer group discounts to their respective member base

Catalog Design Service Partner Program
alliance program to facilitate CatalogBuilder users the catalog theme designs and localized cataloging services

Joint Development Partner Program
alliance program with technology firms to either expand our product and service offering or to jointly develop and introduce entire new solutions to marketplace

Partner Program with CatalogBuilder
Co branding options for marketing of CatalogBuilder. more details of your organization and sale potential in your territory, vertical market or sector.
Download CatalogBuilder Program and PowerPoint Presentation for CatalogBuilder evaluation

In addition to listed partner program, with special partner program proposal, where in we can join for mutual benefits.

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