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Catalog Builder : Do-It-Yourself  Electronic Catalog Creation & Publishing

Most business users not only require electronic catalog to display and sell their product. Powerful electronic Catalog building is an essential need of commerce and modern business dynamics. In addition to Catalog Building task, most enterprises require frequent changes in their electronic catalog to suit special event (e.g. exhibition, trade meeting), customer / prospect, new product design launches, sales campaigns and product catalog updates. Electronic catalog building and maintenance services can be outsourced from designers, advertisement, web developers. However, this process is often time consuming and expensive for its overdependence upon external sources.  Also, an enterprise runs a risk of its confidential designs (new designs etc) being disclosed to its competitors by outsourcing companies.

CatalogBuilder with its powerful feature list, manages most of catalog creation and updating process related challenges within organization.  Do-It-Yourself Catalog Management process requires few steps and user can build highly customized catalog at button click.  Experience catalog building with CatalogBuilder and an enterprise will be able to deliver / publish its electronic catalog with enormous savings in resources, expenses, cash outflow, and time.

  • No technical skills required to use CatalogBuilder for building your electronic catalog
  • Using CatalogBuilder as catalog maker is as easy as Copy and Paste
  • Publish and Deliver your electronic catalog in no time, with all or select catalog items
  • Reduce your dependencies and perils of using outsourced catalog services

Free Catalog Making Software


Create Category / sub category driven electronic catalog,  Multimedia CD Catalog, Web Catalog, Photo Album, Slide Show in customized style  � it is free!*



Download Size:  14.8 MB
  * free version is full feature version with limitation of 200 products  
With Electronic Catalog Builder Software, you can:
Customize - build in your style
Create electronic catalog with customized display of colors, backgrounds, and fonts, or customized theme

Publish - multiple ways to distribute catalog
publish your photo album or catalog as web catalog, web brochure, multimedia CD brochure or distributable slide show

Business - display products and sell
Prepare your electronic catalog to suit  commercial purposes for effective display and sales lead generation.

Personal - powerful tool for personal album making
Prepare your personal album for specific events and customizable notes. Ideal for photography collection

Manage - keep your catalog organized
maintain and  update  electronic catalog to suit specific event, customer. sales campaign or launch
Quick Steps :: Do-It-Yourself Catalog Management
Manage collection groups
Manage catalog items
Manage catalog contents
Electronic catalog items selection
Customize catalog theme
Customize design settings
Manage electronic catalog
Publish Catalog
What can one create  using CatalogBuilder (example list only)
Textile Catalog
Apparel Catalog
Furniture Catalog
Jewelry Catalog
Arts and Craft Catalog
Antiques  and Collectible Catalog
Fashion Catalog
Lingerie Catalog
Shoes  Catalog
Carpet Catalog
Home Furnishing  Catalog
Electronics Catalog
Ceramic Products  Catalog
Gifts & Novelties Catalog
Leather Products Catalog
Photography Catalog
Stone & Marble Products  Catalog
 Woolen Products Catalog
Try Vevo! CatalogBuilder  for FREE!
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