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CatalogBuilder vs. other Photo Album / Cataloging software

Most photo album makers, photo catalog creators, multimedia CD catalog makers, slide show builders, web catalog designing software and catalog building tools, though looking like same in terms of thumbnail viewer, full sized  photo driven pages and slide show viewing; do not focus on typical business needs of an enterprise and objectives of typical electronic catalog :

  • Now build ecommerce enabled product catalog driven web and multimedia CD brochure (supports payment gateway - paypal, authorize.net, Worldpay, LinkPoint;  secured order (cgi / php) and email order). Additional Services for ecommerce cart customization
  • Now web catalog building and multimedia catalog making to suit customer specific language. User just need to configure catalog captions in the language they want
  • Powerful catalog making software at unmatched price of US$ 29.95 (regular price $ 45).
  • collection / category group or subgroups driven electronic catalog (this is very essential in terms of catalog viewer's experience for easy navigation of entire catalog)

  • managing catalog item data like price, code, name, description. Not only, CatalogBuilder user can maintain entire contents, but also can customize to suit its industry practice (mere photo display may seem to most business users of meeting quick purpose of catalog display, but lack of adequately displayed details fail to deliver trade leads)

  • quick and easy search on entire catalog on search keywords, catalog item's name, code etc (in addition to catalog navigation related convenience, viewer often needs easy search option so that, he can find relevant products, without struggling to find by surfing entire catalog. This can enhance viewer's response to your electronic catalog)

  • powerful customization options for catalog theme, design settings and features (this helps in building catalog to suit its objectives, enterprise's identity and target market practices)

  • product selection basket for viewer to select and respond back (this is very essential for viewer to find convenient and quick mechanism to communicate with you)

  • special view graphics for a catalog item (in addition to product graphic, sales process may also warrant to display special view additional product graphics like closeouts of special designs of your product, mock view etc)

  • special magnifier view of product graphic (in addition to graphic zooming option). This helps user is understanding product designs prior to selection and is very critical to design driven products like jewelry, fashion, furniture, carpets, ceramic products etc.

  • Not only, one can build catalog, but also can edit, update catalog settings, catalog items for any specific catalog

  • It makes your catalog to help user in quick navigation, searching and selection
  • Interactive and lively catalog to give expressive presentation
  • Business enterprise can enhance trade leads from CatalogBuilder driven catalogs
  • Much more than  just photos and albums

Free Catalog Making Software


Create Category / sub category driven electronic catalog,  Multimedia CD Catalog, Web Catalog, Photo Album, Slide Show in customized style  � it is free!*



Download Size:  14.8 MB

freeware version 2.3.3 supports up to 200 catalog items

With Catalog Builder Software, you can:
Customize - build in your style
Create catalog with customized display of colors, backgrounds, and fonts, or customized theme

Publish - multiple ways to distribute catalog
publish your photo album or catalog as web catalog, web brochure, multimedia CD brochure or distributable slide show

Business - display products and sell
Prepare your catalog to suit  commercial purposes for effective display and sales lead generation.

Personal - powerful tool for personal album making
Prepare your personal album for specific events and customizable notes. Ideal for photography collection

Manage - keep your catalog organized
maintain and  update  catalog to suit specific event, customer. sales campaign or launch
Why does an enterprise need CatalogBuilder ?
Prepare mini catalog to meet event or customer driven opportunities
Flexible, powerful and great utility for business users than most photo album makers
It is highly suitable for business for its unique features
Save cost and resources  on catalog building
Power Features : How To Use
Collection group driven catalog for easier navigation
Power search with search keywords
Special graphic configuration for  large / transparent graphics
Mini catalog building for specific event / customer
Easier and flexible selection process for catalog building
Special  magnified mapping view to meet business challenges
Highly customizable design setting 
Easy to build, manage and publish interactive catalog
Catalog Response made easier for catalog viewer
Customize catalog theme
Multiple graphics for catalog item to present more effectively
Multiple templates for thumbnail and catalog item detail page
Customizable catalog content building for effective use
Special slide show to suit trade shows / exhibition display
Web catalog with proper meta tags for graphics for better SEO
Easier and powerful catalog management features
Security mechanism for unauthorized access
Handles corrupt graphics
Try Vevo! CatalogBuilder  for FREE!
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