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Managing Catalog Item(s)

Special View Graphics for Catalog Item (multiple view)

CatalogBuilder facilitates display of catalog item's additional graphics to create special view
(Admin User only)

  • In addition to catalog item's graphic,  program allows to display special view multiple graphics for selected catalog item.

    • such additional graphics can be used to display closeouts of catalog items or multiple graphic views.

    • user can define customized title for such special view to be displayed above such multiple graphics.

    •  for the purpose of published catalog, such graphics are displayed in Catalog Item's Full page, in thumbnail view.

      User may review configuration setting for  graphic settings.


  • From the Catalog Item's Content Window of Program, click Manage Special View Graphics Button


  • Upon clicking, a new window for special view graphics will open


  • From this window, User can do the followings:

    • view existing graphics for selected catalog item  by clicking Existing View in thumbnail pane of window.

      User may select addition view graphics to be removed  and click Delete button to remove them. User will be given warning prior to deletion from program. Click Yes to remove and No to skip the deletion process.

    • Add new graphics for selected catalog item

      • Click Add New Tab on thumbnail pane, if you are on "Existing View" Pane

      • Select the folder from Browse pane. This will fill the available graphic files on thumbnail pane

      • select the graphic files by checking them, for insertion

      • click button Add Selection for special view button  to insert them for selected catalog item

    • For insertion, user can apply graphic file filter to view only specific file type (currently supported graphic files are PSD, BMP, Jpeg, Gif, tiff and Png)

    Close the window by clicking close (X) button of window.

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