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Managing Catalog Item(s)
Magnified  Map Graphic View for Catalog Item

CatalogBuilder facilitates display of catalog item's magnified map graphic view
(Admin User only)

  • In addition to catalog item's graphic,  program allows to display Magnified Map graphic for selected catalog item.

    • such magnified map view can be used to display fine design of catalog item

    • industry practice for such magnified map view graphic file to be large one (recommended file size 1200*1200 H/W pixel )

    •  for the purpose of published catalog, such graphics are displayed from Catalog Item's Full page, in new window. Catalog Viewer can view it like map in magnified mode. Such viewing can be very effective display for products like Jewelry, Carpet, apparel, crafts, paintings etc.

      User may review configuration setting for  graphic settings.


  • From the Catalog Item's Content Window of Program, click to insert or change catalog item's special map view graphic.

  •  Upon clicking, it will open browser window to provide new map view graphic file for selected catalog item. This special magnified Map View graphic should be a large file to display product design.

  • For insertion, user can select graphic file (currently supported graphic files are PSD, BMP, Jpeg, Gif, tiff and Png)

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