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Catalog Management

Customized Design Setting for Catalog

CatalogBuilder has powerful design setting option for user to build catalog without having to know programming issues.

  • In Catalog Management Window, select a catalog  from Browse Catalog Pane

  • Click Menu - Catalog - Catalog Operations -  Design Configurations / Settings

    or click button Design Options   to start the process.

  • Upon clicking, Design Setting  Window will open

    This window states the statistics of date creation and date last modified. The wizard can be navigated by clicking Back / Next Buttons ( / ). To save design configurations / settings, user need to click Finish button . If user wants to skip the saving of changes made & exit , click Cancel button

    User can easily configure following design setting of catalog by selecting / filling / opting for necessary feature selection and design related issues.

    • Configure thumbnail design

    • Configure thumbnail collection page of catalog

    • Set the sequence of catalog items in published catalog

    • Configure catalog item's full view page

    • Set the navigation pane for catalog items

    • Configure the contents of catalog items on thumbnail collection and product's full page

    • Configure special features on published catalog (e.g. slide show, selection basket, power search on catalog, music on slide show, special view graphics, magnified map view etc)

    • Configure tool tip on graphic files in catalog

    • Configure page titles of catalog

    • Configure Catalog Headers

Using Design Setting Window, user can create highly customizable catalog.:

  • How to Customize and configure Thumbnail of Catalog Item

    • customize size of thumbnail

    • configure thumbnail border setting in terms of color and width

    • configure thumbnail back color

  • How to Customize and configure thumbnail collection page of Catalog Items

    • customize  catalog structure (i.e. whether catalog to be published with collection group or entire catalog items without reference to collection group)

    • configure view of collection page (i.e. list view or thumbnail matrix view)

    • configure collection group navigation pane

    • configure contents of catalog items (to be displayed along with thumbnail of catalog item)

    • configure collection page's background color or background graphic

    • configure tool tip to appear on mouse over event for thumbnail graphic on collection page

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