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Vevo! CatalogBuilder

Getting Started with CatalogBuilder

Ready to get started? This guide will introduce you to some of Vevo! CatalogBuilder's basic functions. When you're finished, you'll have created a product gallery web, multimedia CD brochure  or photo album  in just minutes!

Follow the steps to Install Powerful Catalog Software : Vevo! CatalogBuilder

From the installer CD or Electronically Downloaded Installer of CatalogBuilder from web, click the file CatalogBuilder.msi ( if you have downloaded the installer from web, this file is inside the zip file downloaded; unzip the file and extract installer file  CatalogBuilder.msi) to run.

Follow the installation instruction. and complete the installation process.

Many a times, installer may require updating of Mdac_typ (data accessing component) 2.8 version. If it gives such warning, you will be required to download Mdac_typ.exe from www.catalog-builder.com/utilities.htm or from microsoft site.

If your operating system is Win 98 or Win ME, then you may also require to update windows installer utility to run the installer file. You may download this file from  www.catalog-builder.com/utilities.htm or from microsoft site.

Running CatalogBuilder First Time

If you are running the CatalogBuilder first time after installation, upon start the program asks the user for path of  existing database (for existing users, for restoration of back up data) and files.

First time user may opt for program to auto configure necessary path, by clicking Yes.

Upon login Window, there are two modes:

Secured mode- In this mode, user is allowed to add, edit, delete the data of program. The default user name is admin and password is admin. user may modify the password from the program (Menu-Utilities-Change Password)

Guest mode- In this mode, user may view catalog and publish catalog. So first time user, must login using secured mode to build catalog.

Follow the steps below for quick catalog building and publishing:


Step I

Create catalog collection groups / subgroups

Step II Configuration setting
Step III Insert new catalog items (i.e. product graphics)
Step IV Manage contents (i.e. code, title, description, prices etc) of catalog items
Step V Build catalog
Step VI Publish Catalog


Of course, this is just a sample of Vevo! CatalogBuilder's basic commands. Feel free to experiment further and to consult Vevo! CatalogBuilder's comprehensive Help section for more information.


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