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Design Setting for Catalog

Configure Special Features of Catalog


  • In Design Setting Window, Click Special Features Pane


Using Special Feature  Pane in Design Setting Window, user can:.

  • Build Slide Show for Catalog 

    To build slide show along with catalog, Select slide show building option (Apply Slide Show). Once, selected, user can select the slide show view template of entire catalog items from published catalog from dropdown selection list. This slide show is viewable from collection page in published catalog.

  • How to configure Music playing on slide show

    To configure music setting for catalog slide show, select checkbox for music on slide show. Upon this selection, user will be required to provide music file for slide show (within catalog) 

    • click button music file browse  to select music file.  Upon clicking, program will prompt user to select music file to be applied.


  • How to build powerful search on entire published catalog

    CatalogBuilder facilitates user to build powerful search by selecting search on special feature pane. This search is built upon catalog item name, code, collection group name and search keywords. In published catalog, this search facility will be available from collection page. The search results are displayed along with graphics, catalog item name and code. 

  • How to configure Selection Basket

    Selecting selection basket on catalog, will provide add to cart button on all the thumbnail view at collection page. This helps catalog viewer to select catalog items and respond back to you.

    For ecommerce support, please contact us at www.catalog-builder.com for customization support.

  • How to configure Browser Setting

    Selecting full sized viewing  will build catalog without browser menu bar / tool bar / status bar. This setting is applicable only for catalog item's full page, slide show and search pages.

  • How to configure graphic view for catalog item for effective presentation

    Catalog Building process must configure this option to suit their industry practices and viewer's preferences. For special graphic presentations:

  • special zoom effects (auto for all catalog item graphics)

  • right click protection on all graphics of catalog (select the checkbox to provide graphic protection)

  • full size graphic (actual graphic size as third view, if on catalog item page resized graphic is shown)

  • To display additional graphics (e.g. closeouts etc) for catalog item and/or special magnifier effect graphic, select the selection checkbox in special feature pane

    For special view magnifier graphic, recommended file size is Minimum H/W 1200 pixels. Select the option to ignore, if such file is not provided in catalog item content window (recommended). In the event, user has opted to include full size graphic as an alternative display graphic, then in the absence of large file (as prescribed above), the display may be distorted.

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